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Superman Returns…..again!

  The teaser trailer for the new Superman movie ‘Man of Steel’ was released the other day. Advertisements

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Youtube Lament

Here’s a project I did for college. Comments and criticisms welcome!

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They say…

They say it’s ‘one of those days’ every day. They say it’s the ‘afternoon slump’ in the evening. They say ‘Why did you do that?’ when no one told you, you shouldn’t. They say ‘Why don’t you listen?’ when they have nothing to say. They say ‘Why did you let this happen?’ when it’s not […]

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Android install button not working

I’m writing this in case anyone else is looking for an answer to this question. For a long time, at certain times, whenever I tried to install an app on my HTC Desire S, the ‘Install’ button would be greyed out and refuse to work. I spent ages looking for the answer, typing the question […]

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Where were you when…

I was on the way home from school and I stopped off in a sweet shop. I heard a couple of the older students mention something like, ‘Has another plane hit?’ which caught my attention for a moment but I carried on. After school, I used to stay with my grandmother until my parents finished […]


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