They say…

They say it’s ‘one of those days’ every day.

They say it’s the ‘afternoon slump’ in the evening.

They say ‘Why did you do that?’ when no one told you, you shouldn’t.

They say ‘Why don’t you listen?’ when they have nothing to say.

They say ‘Why did you let this happen?’ when it’s not your responsibility.

They say ‘You’re so lazy’ when you’re really just afraid.

They say ‘It’s well for you’ when it really isn’t.

They say ‘We all feel like that from time to time’ when you cry out for help.

They say ‘You’re so ungrateful’ when you feel the need to scream to be heard.


They say ‘We never saw this coming’ when they weren’t really looking.

They say ‘How could it happen?’ when it was staring them in the face.

They say ‘He was such a happy boy’ when they remember his ”good” moments.

They say ‘What could drive someone to do such a thing?’ when they weren’t listening when he told them.

I say ‘Perhaps it was one of those days.’

  1. #1 by psychofab on November 27, 2012 - 16:32

    I really like this.

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